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Always love discovering new and creative ways to display collections. Here, adding a dash of the Equestrian Style to a room can be as simple as an artful arrangement of horse show ribbons and Equestrian awards tacked to the wall for a cool and casual look {above}, or beautifully framed above a table of awards and trophies for an elegant and winning presentation {below}.

{images: 1 – Francine Zaslow via design is mine; 2 – Mark Lund; 3 – kristatomic}

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  • I have to agree with Sacheverelle. Although I think the pastel ribbons look lovely, my first thought as an equestrian was, “Hmmm, those ribbons are for like 5th through 7th places.” Maybe we can lobby the American Horse Show Association to move from blue, red and yellow to more displayable :)

  • Ooo, very pretty! I especially love the first picture. The faded pastels are so lovely.

  • What a sweet idea! If only I had thought of this years ago when I had plastered the walls of my room with my years awards!

  • five o’clock — thanks so much!

    felicity! always lovely, lovely to hear from you, and so glad that you’re back in the blog world, even if not publicly at the moment . . . Hope you’re well and enjoying more time with your family.

  • I’m so glad I stubled upon your blog! I love these ideas for horse show ribbons! I have several boxes full of them, wondering what I would ever do with them all. What a beautiful post.

  • Dear G, gorgeous post – as always :-) – and THANK YOU for your lovely comment on ABT.

    Hugs back to you chickateeta;-)


  • love these!!!

  • oh, I love that picture with the ribbons over the bed

  • oh wow. these are beautiful! thank you for sharing! :)

  • LOVE this idea. Malibu has a huge equestrian community. I will have to share this idea. Thanks for the tip!

  • Who knew these could be so pretty?!

  • My friend used to be really into showing horses and her room looked exactly like the first picture, haha.

  • That first photo is elegant. Who know that ribbons came in such lovely colors? Maybe they will bring pastel dreams.

  • TOO FUNNY, I used to ride horses and had a million of these that I threw away. What was I thinking?? They did smell though. HAHA

  • the horses on the bottom are so rad!

  • really beautiful…traditional and elegant!

  • I wouldn’t want to display anything other than blues, reds or yellows. Getting 4th place or less in a horse show isn’t that great tho I guess sometimes it’s an accomplishment if you placed at all, maybe at Devon.

  • I love the ribbons mounted on the picture frames. It’s very elegant – all the ribbons I have are from swimming though, and the colors are not at all pretty like these!

  • I have just found your blog. Very fab. You have been tagged. Check out my blog for my info. Carla x

  • What a cute way to frame the ribbons! It looks really lovely.

  • How charming! Having never won any ribbons, I would never have thought of this.

  • Superpretty idea. Congratulations!

  • Anonymous said...

    Belíssimo! Parabéns!

  • I only remember seeing them in bright red, green and black.. never thought of them being beautiful. Now I take that back. They are beautiful. Decorating worthy.

  • You know a while ago I was doing a party and I wanted to get some of these customised – could I find anywhere to do them? No! Tried making the myself but just not the same … love them used here, great find xx

  • Amazing what can be done with a simple ribbon ..love it!

  • I LOVE me some equine chic. How very clever and charming. Beautiful post as always…

  • what a beautiful picture..I had no idea that hourse ribbon could be sooo decorative..awesome

  • LOVE love love love love love! Did I mention that I love this! I’ll have to break out my old ribbons… I just wish they were pastel!

    I also LOVE the {Blazer} post below.

    Thanks for the great ideas!


  • The first room is so pretty, I wish I had a loft!

  • Beautiful post! Love the photos! I may have to buy that book too!

  • I love horse ribbons – bought a few this summer and have no idea what to do with them – thanks for the ideas!

  • Oh, BFF, these are beautiful! I love this post. Love it! Miss you, so glad you stopped by this morning! xoxo

  • I can’t believe those are so, so alluring! They’re equestrian (COOL), they’re pastel (COOLER) and so, so stylish (AWESOME!)

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