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Thanks to Rebecca Robertson, Deputy Decorating Editor at Martha Stewart, for inlcuding {this is glamorous} in the Best of the Blogs: Editors’ Picks!

{Congratulations to the lovely blogs Absolutely Beautiful Things and Coco+Kelley, who also made Rebecca’s list.}

{top image: Guy Aroch}

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  • Congratulations! It is well deserved! Cheers!

  • well deserved my friend!!! you are phenomenal!

  • Congratulations!!! You definitely deserve being acknowledged for the wonderful posts each week! Checking your blog is a constant in my daily morning, afternoon, and evening routines :)

  • Well done – keep up the glamorous work xx

  • So honored to know you! Congrats!

  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch!=Congratulations! – but we all know how fabulous your blog IS! Wonderful picture again – isn’t it great that trousers are going high again ;-) Just such a gain of comfort for every woman!
    Have a wonderful weekend! Yours, Theresa

  • So excited to be mentioned with you, Coco+Kelley & Design*Sponge! Congrats you so deserve it….you are one of my favourites too! xx Anna

  • a-m – really touched by your comment and your visiting here at 5am!

    Thank you so much, everyone! You’re really just so lovely, and I’m always thrilled and surprised by how many wonderful people I’ve come across since I began this blog last summer.

    Have a fantastic weekend, everyone, and lots of love to you.


  • Congratulations!
    Your blog is definitely one of the best (:

  • Congrats!!! i saw it too…well deserved!! your blog is FAB!!

  • Also coming out of lurking to congratulate you on your mention. Your blog is terribly glamorous and just so beautiful. I savour every visit (often over coffee at 5am in the morning!) A-M xx

  • Bravo!!! Much deserved mention. Your blog ranks as one of my very favorite places to visit.

  • Thats great!!!
    I am very happy for you and for Felicity!!!!!

  • Wowza!!!! How totally amazing is that?!

  • Dear This is Glamorous,

    Your blog is one of my most favourite blogs. Truly, I am never disappointed when I visit. As a devoted follower, CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS, CONGRATULATIONS!

    P.S. thanks for all the recent wonderful messages.

  • Hello everyone! Thanks so much for the lovely comments — it’s always nice to get a mention, but the best part about blogging is being a part of such a great community, and everyone who visits here is really fantastic.


  • Teresa – thanks so much for de-lurking to leave your congratulations :)

    Pamela – not to worry – know what it’s like to have too many things going on at once

  • Congratulations, this is so thrilling. Keep up your excellent work!
    Warm regards :-)

  • Congratulations, you deserve it. I love gaining inspiration from your posts!

  • Oh, I am a complete numbskull. I just read too many things this morning. You were mentioned on the Martha site, and a marvelous mention it was. The Times article was also on blogs and I got the two mixed up in my pea-sized brain.

  • Oh, bravo for you! What an honor. How could they not pick this beautiful and oh so stylish of blogs. Congrats!

  • I saw your mention in the Times this morning. Hearty congratulations! Your site deserves it.

  • congratulations! this is well-deserved…i absolutely adore your blog!

  • Congratulations! You deserve it; your blog is awesome!

  • good for you! that is great — and you were in excellent company! :)

  • oh what wonderful news. So glad for you. Now so many more can share & benefit from your glamorous magic. Congratuations!

  • You deserve it. Your blog entries are always beautiful and inspiring; you always seem to know what I am craving to see! A lovely, daily, pick-me-up…

  • Wonderful news and so well deserved. I’ve been away for a few weeks and it’s nice to visit your lovely blog.

  • Wonderful news and so well deserved!
    Congratulations on your beautiful blog.

  • Anonymous said...

    Wow, that’s amazing!! Congrats–Martha’s people know good quality when they see it!

  • Celebrations are in order. Champagne everyone?

  • How fun and big congratulations!
    I’ve been lurking around your site for awhile- enjoying the fabulous pictures and pretending I belong in those “glamorous” pictures- A girls got to have a dream- :}
    Thanks for sharing- Love it.

  • Yay, congrats, you totally deserve it! :)

  • Congrats! Well deserved indeed!

  • WOW, congrats!!! You totally deserve it, your blog is always so beautiful and inspirational… it is always a pleasure to come visit your blog! xo!!!

  • Hello, Thankyou so much for your support and lovely comment left on Debbies blog. Everyone has been so kind….. Im so glad I visited, your blog is so stylish and utterly fabulous. The images are beautiful. Best Wishes Mandy X

  • congratulations!!!! you are truly the best!

  • Wow, that is amazing news! So proud of you, you deserve it. You have such a lovely blog! :-)

    (Good job Martha! You know how to pick ’em!)


  • Congratulations!!! I was so excited for you when I saw this! I think her blogging episode today was so great for our entire community!

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