{good times, glamour + a style test}


{Nicholas Haslam via Classic Style in the City}

While Franki from Life in a Venti Cup comes to terms with her decidedly “masculine” tastes as determined by a décor style analysis from MyDeco, I have been handed the {rather amusing} result that I apparently “love good times and glamour in the bedroom . . . “
{Nicholas Haslam via Classic Style in the City}
{more of the results:}
Absolutely Fabulous:
There’s no such thing as OTT in your book: why settle for average when you can have full-blown, unadulterated GORGEOUS? In some homes, the result is a riot of carte blanche camp, but expressed more subtly, the glamorous look can be drop-dead sexy and sophisticated. It’s all a question of how you combine colour and texture with attitude and you’re still working on getting things perfect. Why stop now when you’re having so much fun?

You are drawn to all things that combine beauty with adventure.
{Sounds good to me.}
{kwid via Studio Annetta}

{What does your décor style say about you? Click here to find out . . .}

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  • dear, dear franki — am convinced of the same — anyone who can speak at length with me about handbags must not have a masculine bone :)

    {My results were pretty fab, I must agree. And I do share your love for all things electronic.}

  • I am convinced I am taking the test wrong. Aside from my adoration of all things electronic thee is not a masculine element in my home (and even those electronics are concealed in beautiful pieces).

    That’s it… I”m off to retake the test. LOL!

    LOVE your results, by the way!

  • cybill – not certain about the “Action Stations” part, but at least the masculine and retro are more accurate?

    the lil bee – you’re lovely and your visits are always such fun — thanks :)

  • That’s hysterical! I do love all your pics though, whatever the definition of your “style” may be:)

  • Okay they told me I was “Action Stations” what on earth is that? Apparently I have a masculine family home and a retro bedroom, which I kind of agree with.

  • Bring on beauty and adventure I say my friend :-)

    Hope you’re having a great weekend :-) – we are.

  • Felicity – so glad you did the quiz – was really looking forward to seeing what your style analysis would be, and knew we’d definitely be similar – isn’t beauty and adventure the perfect combination?

  • Teal Chic – quite the description! :)

    Katrina Lynn – “a passion for travel and an appreciation for other cultures” – sounds lovely!

    Samantha Honey – thank you.

  • Thank you for showing us this delightful quiz! I will post the link on my feng shui blog- i love the intuitive comments and the way it links lifestyle, personality and decor together…
    you are Absolutely Fabulous :)

  • Total laugh, now why am I not surprised – I am the same as you!

    “loving good times and glamour in the bedroom”

    And in the lounge ” you are drawn to all things that combine beauty with adventure…..”

    OOooo I like that description – hopefully that applies to life – not only my loungeroom :-)


    I am the “home queen” – sounds a bit borza – but I am consoled ….

    ” Bringing up a baby hasn’t in the least bit cramped your sense of style. You have an almost theatrical approach to interior design, dressing up rooms as you yourself would for a glamorous night out or in. The look is opulent and luxurious but can be equally sexy and sophisticated – just like you!”


    Oooo I lvoe it!

    I am the redeemed (by the description) “home queen”


    I can hold m head high in the world again!:-)

    Enough waffle!

    I might just add – they forgot to mention my slight obsession with flowers!

  • I am not at all surprised that you are “glamour and good times”

    The Absolutely fabulous description suits you to a T :-)

    now I’m off to see what I am – I suspect similar to you – but we shall see!

    And isn’t this post from Classic style in City gorgeous – she has the loveliest of tastes :-)

  • This is what I got:
    Not so long ago, the craze for ethnic-style interiors was ubiquitous. Maybe you embraced it, or maybe eschewed it, but anyway, you’ve moved on since then. Your home still reflects a passion for travel and an appreciation for other cultures without seeking to mimic or patronise. Classic, or even quite anonymous, pieces of furniture sit alongside unique pieces from far-flung places across the globe.”
    Love it!

  • It says I’m “Fatale Attraction” lol!

  • What a fun quiz! I, too, am apparently masculine in my decorative tastes.

  • Anonymous said...

    I am “funky modern”. That says it all, doesn’t it?

  • Melissa — actually, “classic country” sounds like a perfect and great description, especially when included with “a love of the good, simple pleasures in life” — who knew the quiz could be so accurate? Wish I could remember what the rest of my results were — was so caught up on the wording of the bedroom analysis :)

    Cybill – no upcoming bedroom post, but perhaps down the road?

    Driftwood Shack – such a lovely description!

    Ann – country ‘n modern sounds like a fun combination.

  • Thanks for the link.
    Wow I’m country ‘n Modern and I can totally agree with that.

  • weather worn but with a natural beauty- just like me I hope!

  • Thank you for sharing the ” simple pleasures in life” with…glamour.
    It was good to know that you visited my mini-world.


  • I write about, this personaly disorder, I love color but I love all white rooms, well I am an eclectic girl, just that.
    Please visit me, I want you to see the green living room you piblished, in the houese it belongs.

  • “good times and glamour in the bedroom” oohh, when are you going to do a post about that then? I adore that top pic, and i’m off to do the style analysis now …

  • Classic in the City always posts beautiful rooms! Love visiting her site!

  • Hey there, I guess I am classic country. I’ve never thought of myself that way, but the description sounded good to me (a love of the good, simple pleasures in life) so I guess I’ll accept it!

    Fun quiz, thanks for sharing it! I’ll have to pass it on!

    Happy day,

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