{good times, glamour + a style test}

{Nicholas Haslam via Classic Style in the City}

While Franki from Life in a Venti Cup comes to terms with her decidedly “masculine” tastes as determined by a décor style analysis from MyDeco, I have been handed the {rather amusing} result that I apparently “love good times and glamour in the bedroom . . . “
{Nicholas Haslam via Classic Style in the City}
{more of the results:}
Absolutely Fabulous:
There’s no such thing as OTT in your book: why settle for average when you can have full-blown, unadulterated GORGEOUS? In some homes, the result is a riot of carte blanche camp, but expressed more subtly, the glamorous look can be drop-dead sexy and sophisticated. It’s all a question of how you combine colour and texture with attitude and you’re still working on getting things perfect. Why stop now when you’re having so much fun?

You are drawn to all things that combine beauty with adventure.
{Sounds good to me.}
{kwid via Studio Annetta}

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