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{travel: contemporary lodge, scotland}


{travel: contemporary lodge, scotland}
. . . quite taken with interior designer Suzy Hoodless‘s Contemporary Lodge in Scotland, a perfect combination of modern and rustic, and then there’s the view . . .

{travel: contemporary lodge, scotland}
After last summer’s trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow, and a haunting {and terribly romantic} boat ride on the loch in Inverness, have been drawn to the compelling beauty of Scotland as if under a spell . . .

{travel: contemporary lodge, scotland}{travel: contemporary lodge, scotland}
{travel: contemporary lodge, scotland}
{travel: contemporary lodge, scotland}

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  • la la laa said...

    These look so gorgeous! They make me proud to be Scottish, but unfortunately there isn’t much of that around. People who are obsessed be warned- Scotland really isn’t actually that nice when you live there!

    I adore these (: this is my new favourite blog. <333

  • There is something so historic about all these photos. They feel so wonderfully timeless.

  • this series is absolutely beautiful. I can understand your fascination! your trip sounds like it was lovely, especially the boat ride!

  • I was under the spell of Scotland as well… I interviewed at length for a position at the Royal Museums in Edinburgh, but then they realized I was American, not Scottish, and I didn’t get it. (these were in-person interviews and they’d seen my all-american CV, too!)

  • I would love to spend my week end overthere !!!

  • Hahaha… Oh, dear god, that is tooo funny. I have a tear! Sorry, I know we all do it, but… mouse antlers… hahahaaa. That was the best laugh I have had in a long time. I need to get out more! Oh my… thank you for that, I needed it.

    I meant to post on the stunning chairs. The black leather jobby and this one at the bottom, are truly stunning. All of these are just so haunting and wonderful. You DO have a knack for collecting moods in photos. Nicely done!

    Ha ha… hmphf… snarkle.

  • Chris — love your eye {and perspective}! If anything were to tell a story, it would be that black and white enlarged photograph . . .

  • I am taken with the enlarged photo of the group astride camels…. I do have a bit of a Lawrence of Arabia fascination.

  • Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  • Man! This would be the perfect place to live! Gorgeous!

  • the door off the study has me in a deep trance…

  • this house is so perfect I think I must have dreamed it up……..

  • wow, this is stunning stunning stunning.

  • I really would love to go to Scotland! I’ve never been there and it always sounds like an amazing place.

    I thought I left a comment here yesterday, but I seem to have trouble with over zealous motions and I click away before my comments are accepted.

    Happy Thursday (sorry to disappoint you, I know how you like to skip Thursdays).


  • oh this place is beyond stunning. i am smitten.

  • I’ve always had a love of Scotland too, but those images positively make me want to move there!

  • You find the most beautiful images! I just love visiting your blog…always something so different from all the others. Thanks!

  • I love this look!!!!!

  • Nyla – Haven’t heard of Diana Gabaldon’s books, but shall have to check them out – thanks. As for future destinations, you should definitely go someday – it really is an incredibly beautiful place.

    Design Dig – thank you!

  • What a wonderfull place!

  • Very lovely…I love Suzy Hoodless!

  • absolutely gorgeous. i could stay in that last image, with those to-the-floor windows, all afternoon.

  • wow! those mouse antlers are amazing! …and that view in the last image, it’s incredible! p.s. i gave you an award on my blog “)

  • so gorgeous! will file this away under future fantasy destination. i’m obsessed with scotland and all things scottish after a friend got me hooked on diana gabaldon’s outlander novels. have you heard of them? they’re a little racy, but very well-written (think Gone With The Wind on crack) and oh, how gabaldon brings 17th century scotland and scotsmen to life!

  • so beautiful!

  • I love that first photo. I would like to go there right now. Beautiful.

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