{a peek inside my refrigerator}


{a peek inside my refrigerator}{photography by Ben Dearnley}

This is not my refrigerator. It looks like it could be, but I live with a {rather charming} Brit, so ours is large and stainless steel. If you happen to visit Rachel’s lovely blog, BlackEiffel, you will find a sneak peek inside our refrigerator, as well as those of other bloggers . . .

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  • We’ve been considering one of those refrigerators! We’re waiting for a new model to come in

  • Thanks so much, Marie! {Off to check out your site . . .}

  • such a great idea.
    – Jessie –

  • that refrigerator would basically answer all of my childhood dreams.

  • You have an award on my site.

    thanks for all your inspiration

    big hug Marie

  • I’m going to sneak over there and peak inside your fridge. I’m tip toeing……

  • I’ve never seen this color before ! Acutally I have the same one in orange !
    I love orange

  • Yes, I love these old yet new-looking fridges. I want one in red.I wonder how much they cost?

  • I think its such a cute idea! Your fridge is the most stylish set up!

  • Thanks so much, everyone, for taking the time to say hello–the refrigerator sneak peek was great fun, and I was happy to be included. Hope everyone has a lovely, lovely weekend!

    ::{J}::, I buy the glass water bottles at a specialty food store, but have also seen them at Whole Foods.

  • i have to say, your fridge was by far the most glamorous…i wouldn’t have expected anything less ;-)

    made me want to clear out all my food and just go with water and excellent chocolate!

  • I loved your fridge! :)

  • I wish this were my refrigerator…don’t really think Mr. French would go for pink. Maybe robin’s egg blue? Oh and I saw this sweet feature at Black Eiffel…perfect!

  • What a fun idea to show other blogger’s fridges! Those Evian water bottles in your fridge are too beautiful! Where did you get them?!?

  • G- My comment is there!! look up two there!

  • pretty pretty picture! i love how everything is tied together so nicely…including the pics on the fridge. gorgeous. thank you for sharing! :)

  • YOu make me laugh G :-)- Somehow I knew I wouldn’t see moldy cheese in your fridge – even if it is there :-)_

  • Kiki said...

    Yummmmmy! Nice entry, Miss Glamorous! Even your FRIDGE is to die for!

  • That was so fun! And I think I could live on what is in your fridge, dear! Especially if I got to go out every night!


  • I love these posts where people show what’s in their fridge, or purse. It tells so much about their personalities. Thanks for writing about this!

  • I love this fridge! My hubby would never go for it… it is the stainless steel type, too. LOL

  • I have never seen such pink fridge,thanks for sharing

  • Anonymous said...

    yummy- inside and out!

  • oh I would kill for a pink smeg fridge!

    What pretty water bottles and delicious looking chocolate, yum!

  • Chelsea–isn’t this photo so beautiful? Was just heading over to yours to tell you that I loved your contribution as well :) The lilacs and photgraphy–really lovely.

  • I am head over heals in love with this photo. I also really loved your contribution- very charming.

  • Don’t expect too much, JLC — not much of cook :)

  • Too cute!! I’m going over there to check it out right away…:)

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