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A little short on time today, but completely inspired by Spring’s long, romantic locks, kohl-lined eyes and pale lips . . .


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  • I love the look too! I have the long hair but a bit unsure on how to do the eyeliner corectly. Love your blog. Angelina

  • I love their hair – if only I could get mine to behave like that.

  • Aahh to be that young and that beautiful.

  • Beautiful! You’ve inspired me to try out that look for work tomorrw! Not sure if it will look so young and effortless on me though, but I’ll give it a try ;-)

  • Ah, simple and beautiful!
    Sandra Evertson

  • These girls look so pretty that way. Somehow when I try it I look like an old lady who forgot her lipstick but got carried away with too much eye makeup. I’ll think I’ll keep trying it because I want to be chic! :-) Thanks for inspiring.

    I am not a fan of lipstick, it never stays on anyways.

    Happy day,

  • Ah, so bobby pins are back in style!! :) Yes, I agree very Bridget Bardot.

  • I’m very into the smokey eye and nude lip combo too…

    it’s all about smudge smudge smudge!

  • just stunning…love the juxtaposition of super natural face with the slightly edgy black eyeliner.

  • Love this look, so Brigitte Bardot.I have so enjoyed reading your posts…thanks so much for visiting me so I could “find” your blog.

    ps. Your banner is stunning!

  • coco+kelley–thanks for reminding me it was Alberta Ferretti–had the images saved from a bit ago and had forgotten which show it was from.

  • Long live sexy eyes, a la Brigitte Bardot, Julie Christy

  • i just saw this on too, and i LOVED it. it’s usually a look i lean towards myself, but i especially enjoyed it since happened to be a part of one of my favorite designers (Alberta Ferretti) runway collection. great pick!

  • Okay, so why don’t I look like that with the DRAMA eyes, and barely there lips? Seriously, so fresh and simply. Just love it:)

  • Thanks, Jill–followed a web of links and discovered your site and loved the photos of your place, especially your sunny dining area!

    Thanks, Design for Mankind — new as of the beginning of March and my Spring fever.

  • In love with your new banner— when did you do this? :)

  • What an amazing blog you have! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find yours. I will visit often for inspiration. Really gorgeous stuff here!

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