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The softness of the gray background plays perfectly with ultra feminine details . . .

{British-born father of three Chris Nicholls includes Elle, M.A.C. and The New York City Ballet as some of his clients.}

A more avant-garde photographic series displaying Nicholls’ exceptional talent and range follows.

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  • Anonymous said...

    I’m so in love with the 2nd to last pictured/ off the shoulder/wrap dress. If anyone has a clue as to who the designer is please let me know. Thanks!

  • Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know who the model is?

  • Kali said...

    Can anyone kindly tell me who the genius technician is behind the rose head piece? I must have it! It make me lay down and weep!

  • This is so seriously gorgeous in every single way.

  • Oh my! Those are truly ethereal, y’know. I just got here, and I’m not leaving now! I so love the first dress!! I would have to work out for 3 months to carry that off, though :P
    Thanks so much glamorous!!

  • Exquisite!

    Just stumbled upon your blog…it is truly inspiring!

  • The dresses are exquisite accessories to the hair pieces!!! I love the beauty of the compositions.

  • These photos are so lovely-it makes me want to re-design my wedding dress…too late!

  • Oh my goodness, I want the last dress :)

  • Alis–your mother was ahead of her time. How lovely the wedding photos must have been . . .

  • I must really like them all because I can’t choose which one is my favorite. The head pieces remind me of my mother though, she wore a big flower exactly on top of her head at her wedding. How avant-garde of her! Seeing these maybe I’ll follow her steps!

  • Perfect Bound — it is a little Gwyneth Paltrow/Annie Lebowitz, especially in feeling and mood.

  • Gorgeous dresses…I wish I have them all..

  • wow, these are beautiful. The detail in the second dress is incredible.

  • Anonymous–unfortunately the images came directly from the photographer’s official site, which does not credit the designer of the dresses, and as long as this is the direct source, that is the only credit is available and required.

    The publication {if any} was not listed on the photographer’s site, although if this series were published, the publication would most likely have listed the designer.

    Perhaps someone has seen these images elsewhere and knows who the designer is?

  • Anonymous said...

    Lovely! But does anyone know who designed the dresses? It would be nice if he or she was credited, as the dresses really make the photos.

  • Anonymous said...

    Lovely! But does anyone know who designed the dresses? It would be nice if he or she was credited, as the dresses really make the photos.

  • Wow – those dresses are gorgeous. That last one….I can’t stop looking at it. Divine.

  • Kind of reminds me of the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow/Annie Lebowitz photograph.

  • Thanks, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend.

    Melissa–these would definitely make amazing wedding dresses, as would the ones in the White Sands series. How fun to be looking at wedding dresses! Weekend was lovely–cousin in town from Paris, out and about all weekend.

    Felicity–great minds think alike :)

  • These dresses are beautiful. I love the off white and ivory colors.

  • So wonderful…keep looking at the portrait one…lovely.

  • Beautiful post and gorgeous dresses :) What incredible detailing on the dresses and I love the title you chose for the post. Very fitting.

  • don’t you love those couture poses? hunched back and all. GORGeous dress.

  • The last dress with the roses is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.

  • Beautiful!! I wish I was tall enough to pull off the last dress!

  • Oh man Glamorous – this and the next one are next weeks posts – oh well, not now!!

    Oh dear I have to laugh!

    Hugs bug

  • PS…hope you are having a lovely weekend so far. :-)


  • These are very lovely. I’ve been looking at wedding dresses with my daughter, these would be stunning!

  • I love these. Definitely romantic!

  • Oh, how I love these! So, so beautiful.

  • amazing images, thank you for brightening my morning!

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