{eco chic: cork}

{eco chic: cork} {photography by Max Kim-Bee for Domino September 2006 }

I used to have a rather large cork inspiration board above my desk, filled with the things I liked to gaze at while working and daydreaming. And while it has since been replaced with a picture wall, I’ve always missed the versitility of the cork . . .

Perhaps I could find a little cork lamp {above}, similar to Jessie Randall‘s, who adds a personal touch with photobooth strips and a brooch from her father’s antiques shop.

{eco chic: cork}
{photography by Joshua McHugh for Domino March 2007}

Seamless-looking cork floor is as durable as hardwood also cushions tired feet and works well in high-traffic areas.

{eco chic: cork}
{photography by Paul Costello}

Jodie Patterson Becker, publicist for Zac Posen’s foyer wall, covered with a sheet of corkboard and personal photographs.

{eco chic: cork}
{photography by Justin Bernhaut for Domino, March 2007}

This beautiful, tile-like floor is cleverly made from wine bottle stoppers.

{eco chic: cork} {cork tables via automatism}
{eco chic: cork}
{photography by John Coolidge for Domino January 2008}

Former interior designer Suzanne Donegan’s cork walled studio in her L.A. apartment.

{eco chic: cork}
{photography by Justin Bernhaut for Domino March 2007}

Make a huge impact with wonderful graphic patterns of peel-and-press cork tiles.