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Completely fell in love with this photograph of Jen Gotch‘s whirlwind trip to Vegas — the lacy strapless dress with blue satin sash and matching shoes are just perfect and très romantic.

Carla Bruni was said to have worn a sleeveless, knee-length Hermès dress with a 10 cm-wide marine blue ribbon for her wedding to French President Nicolas Sarkozy. {Unfortunately, since no photographers or press were allowed at the “secret” ceremony, we may never see the dress, but Carla was described as ravishing by Francois Lebel, the mayor of the 8th district of Paris, who officiated their marriage.}

Above, the image that began my love for white dresses with blue satin sashes, Sarah Humphreys, from the final issue of Blueprint {January/February 2008}.

{Thanks to Kathryn of Snippet & Ink, for sending along the last three photos.}

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  • This just looks so beautiful…does anyone know where I could buy a blue sash like this? As I have an event coming up to which i am wearing a white dress, I would absolutely love to wear it with a blue sash (I was thinking black, but you have converted me!)

  • gorgeous!!! sarah humphreys is adorable.

  • This deep blue is such a nice change from all of the pale green sashes we were seeing a few years ago. Very pretty.

  • I love the deep blue in the last three images, so gorgeous!

    I’m a Sound of Music fan too so I’m really loving the blue sating sashes!

  • Emily, you’re too funny–that “you had me at the header line” was my fav, and love that you caught the SofM reference :)

  • Oh, I love that blue! Of course, I’ve been looking at a lot of lovely dresses with sashes lately as we do our wedding dress shopping! We finally decided to have one made as most were so ugly!
    Thanks for sharing some beauty!

    Happy day,

  • LOVE!! SofM is one of my favourties, so you had me at blue satin sash, lol.

  • A very elegant touch – I want my wedding dress to have a satin sash too probably a black or deep blue colour.

  • Gorgeous! Though I am partial to black satin sashes.

  • a few of my favorite things that cost next to nothing make all the difference in style.
    a chic difference.

  • Felicity, sadly, a photo may not even exist! Thanks so much for keeping eye out for it, though, just in case :) xo

    Jill, thanks for your delightful comment, and very glad you’ve found your way back here :)

  • I have been seeing sashes on wedding gowns for a while now, but not this blue! Love the last one the best:)

  • so much lovliness! i lost the link to your site when my bookmarks got deleted a while back, and i haven’t visited in a while. i just rediscoverd the link on bliss, i think. glad to be back checking in here :) this time i’m saving your link in a proper folder!

  • You know Glamorous – if the picture of Carla’s dress is to be found – I know you will find it!

    I am keeping my eyes peeled for you too :-) Hugs bug!


  • Sashes are so classic and crisp. I love how the blue sash pops against the white dress in the photo.

  • this is just pure prettiness.

  • Oh blueprint, why did you have to go? I quite like blue sashes as well.

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