{indelible images of elegance}


{indelible images of elegance}

{1968 — Actress Tina Aumont (daughter of Jean-Pierre Aumont and Maria Montez)}

. . . recently discovered the terribly sophisticated and stunningly beautiful work of Henry Clarke (1918-1996), an haute couture photographer whose work reached its height in the 1950’s and 60’s.

{indelible images of elegance}

{1959 — Simone Dayancourt, above & below}

Born in Los Angeles, Clarke’s family moved to San Francisco in 1932, where he got a job as a window dresser for the I. Magnin department store. In 1946, he went to New York and became a background and accessorising assistant at the Vogue studio, where, while watching Cecil Beaton photograph model Dorian Leigh, he decided on becoming a fashion photographer.

{indelible images of elegance}

He worked under contract to the American, French and British Vogues from 1950 to the late 70’s. During the editorial reign of Diana Vreeland, when jet travel made exotic locations more accessible, he traveled to India, Sicily, Mexico, Iran, Jordan and Syria for features that often took up to 20 incredible pages.

{indelible images of elegance}

{1967 — Princess Ira von Furstenberg reclining on pillows in Ungaro outfit of striped jacket, matching pullover, and dark pants}

He died of leukaemia on April 26, 1996 in the south of France at the age of 77. His photographs of haute couture and of the stylish and oftentimes royal women who wore it, were published in a book titled, L’Elegance des Annees Cinquante.

{indelible images of elegance}

{1965 — Baroness Fiona Thyssen-Bornemisza on carved rosewood settee}

{indelible images of elegance}

{1966 — model wearing asymmetrical chartreuse chiffon dress by Malcolm Starr}

{indelible images of elegance}

{1952 — Comtesse Consuelo Crespi}

{indelible images of elegance}


{indelible images of elegance}

{1957 — Margaret Philips}

{indelible images of elegance}


{indelible images of elegance}


{images: © Condé Nast Archive; agentlee; CORBIS;}

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  • I KNEW I’d commented on Henry!! Well Henry – here I am again – adoring your beautiful work :-):-)

  • Thanks for sharing the work of Henry Clarke. His photographs are stunning. Simply gorgeous!

  • WOW! you really outdid yourself with this post. What a Gorgeous Gorgeous collection and selections of fashion photos! How very glam, elegant and beautiful. Thank you for sharing these.


  • oh! these are amazing. thank you so much for posting – i love the timeless quality of all of them.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! Take two sneak peeks every morning before dressing. Repeat once daily.

    With images like these in mind, I can only imagine that my daily life would seem a little more elegant.

    Thanks — off to see what else I missed!

  • Thanks, everyone, for taking the time to leave such lovely comments–I was pretty stunned when I found this little treasure trove of images from another era–there’s something elevated and almost ethereal about the way Henry Clarke viewed his subjects–it’s really quite breathtaking.

  • Breathtaking! Gorgeous! Honestly — those photos are simply stunning! And so many of those outfits would be right in style today! Just imagine a few of those dresses swishing down the Red Carpet! Many thanks for sharing your discovery — you have a very keen and perceptive eye for true beauty — as well as glamour.

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  • This post is so BEAUTIFUL!! I love the blk and whites shots, they are so classic…!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards’

  • Dear Glamorous – for some reason cyberspace eats my comments to you ! I left a comment a couple of days ago on this lovely post – ayah!!

    I know – If you don’t see a comment from me assume that I have and blogger has stolen it!!

    Anyway – Ive been, I’ve seen and I am inspired ! Beautiful;-). This post is very you – stylish elegant and high on the wow factor :-)

    Love it :-)

  • Gorgeous!! I’ll take the lace dress.

  • I am smitten. Smitten!!! These are so incredible I’d love to hav ea collection of them on my wall. Absolutely impeccable. I have to say, I never knew of his work. what a great discovery you’ve offered!

  • I love the green one sleeved dress
    it is truely stunning!
    It kind of makes me think of Jennifer Lopez back in the J-Lo days

  • thanks for sharing. these are unbelievably beautiful!!!!!

  • Elegant indeed. All of these images are wonderful, georgous, sophisticated and completely classic. Thank you for sharing these images.

  • what ever happened to class? thank you for sharing these! completely gorgeous.

  • Wonderful!! I just wish I was born with same same elegance as these graceful ladies!! ;-)

  • Amazine photos!! You have a great eye. :)

  • Simply gorgeous.

  • Thank you for sharing this photographer’s stunningly beautiful work.

  • gorgeous!
    i think i was born in the wrong era!

  • What a beautiful post and what an amazing photographer Those images are just amazingly classy!

    Very humbling!

  • These photographs are breath taking. What an amazing discovery, I’m off to have a little search on Henry Clarke myself

  • WOW! Thanks so much for sharing your discovery! Just beautiful.

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