{a family affair}

{left: “Sky Light” by Paris Gerrard; right: “White Roses” by Jill Barton}

I am admittedly a little behind on my correspondence: last week, I received a very lovely e-mail from Paris and Jill, two talented artists from Salt Lake City, Utah. What makes these two painters special is that they are mother and daughter, each with similar, yet unique artistic styles. Their bodies of work consist of a broad and interesting range of approaches, from still life, to landscape, impressionistic, to Chinoiserie-inspired strokes, to daughter Paris’ editorial selections.

Regardless if you prefer still life or landscape, it’s clear that talent runs in the family.

{“Change of Mind” and “Polka Dot Wedge” by Paris Gerrard}

{“A Quiet Evening” and “Summer Roses” by Jill Barton}

{“Butterfly III”, a collaboration: Jill Barton and Paris Gerrard}

{“Blue Magpie” and “Asian Paradise-Flycatcher”, a collaboration: Jill Barton and Paris Gerrard}

{To view more work and for more information, visit parisgerrard.com and jillbartonart.com}