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A friend of ours recently purchased a holiday home in Miami, so we’ll be heading there sometime in the Spring, but if we didn’t already have a great place to stay, we would definitely be checking in to the citrus-y bright, elegantly cheerful suites of The Tides. My favourite places to stay are the ones that look invitingly unhotel-like and feel like a home away from home.

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  • Divine. Looks like the bomb.

  • What loveliness! I knew it was KW from those chairs in the last pic!

  • What a beautiful hotel! I am not a big fan of KW’s work, but this is a new direction and very beautiful!

  • I guessed it was a KW space before I even saw the tag on the bottom. She really has a knack for the happy/chic atmosphere, doesn’t she?

    Yes. DO stay there. DO tell us details. DO treat yourself to the experience. We want scoop. :)

  • I had a feeling there would be talk about the white cases–they remind me of the Valextra ones I posted a while back.

    {CFC}–it’s true about the chairs–I originally left them out of the post because they have become synonymous with Kelly, and I thought it would be fun to see if anyone could guess who designed the room . . .

    And I just stopped by your post and we did post the same colours! Too bad mine wasn’t Paris though–that would have been funny.

  • I am with you! It’s all about the surroundings!!!

  • Dear Glamorous – i have to laugh – Your comment about us thinking alike made me smile – and I guessed – for fun – (see comment on Dale) that you might be posting on interiors in paris because that’s what Ive just posted on – but! I was wrong!

    But! we both have posted in similar colours!!! :-)

    Oo that last pic has Kelly written on those chairs!

    Love the white luggage – totally impractical but very yum!

  • What a beautiful room! I just Love the white pieces of luggage too!

  • I love those white suitcases! Completely impractical, and completely lovely.

  • Marissa, that’s very cool! What a great idea to have lunch there.

  • i had lunch at the restaurant at the tides over thanksgiving weekend and it is so beautiful in person.

  • Wow, what a great place to stay or at least visit!! Sounds like a fun trip either way :)


  • The tides looks like a great place to stay. I love Miami. Thanks for reminding me to start saving for a trip.

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