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. . . a day off to catch up on a few things and a moment to dream about the 250-year old Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, India, a marble palace that appears as if it’s floating on the waters of Lake Pichola. Guests, of course, arrive by boat.

Built in 1746 by Maharana Jagat Singh II, 62nd successor to the royal dynasty of Mewar, Taj Lake Palace was originally built as a summer palace. It has recently been transformed to its former glory and is now possibly one of the most romantic hotels in the world. Filled with marble pillars, glasswork, silks, intricate paintings and ornately carved wood furniture, the palace is every bit as luxurious inside as it is dramatically stunning on the outside.


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  • I just saw that you posted about this. I was just there in Udaipur! It’s really magical – we didn’t stay at the Lake Palace but some friends of ours did – they had a funny story about not realising they had a butler and getting annoyed when this guy kept hanging around in their suite…
    Our first night we were up on the roof of our hotel drinking Kingfisher beer on low cushions with a view of the lake (which is dry – no water! and has been for 3 years apparently) and city which is all white buildings that look like wedding cakes, a full moon, fireworks, a dust storm and flocks of enormous bats! I will never forget that night. Ah, thank you for this post and sorry for being the one to say that the lake is dried up!

  • grey chiffon — what a lovely comment! Thank you so much, and also for visiting everyday. Certain you’re right about falling in love with Jaipur and Rambagh Palace . . .

  • this site is beyond beautiful! i visit it everyday. and this particular post just took my breath away. you must go to jaipur also and visit rambagh palace…you would fall in love

  • I actually just visited Udaipur and stayed at the Lake Palace over Christmas. It was completely over the top fantasy world.

    I’ve posted some pics on my blog – – with more to come soon!

  • Rox in Stockholm, thanks so much for your lovely comment! Please do visit often.

  • Anonymous said...

    What a fabolous blog! I am amazed by all the beautiful pictures! I will continue reading, love it! /Rox, Stockholm

  • This is my idea of true luxury and self-indulgence. I believe this may be the most romantic place on earth!

  • nunich said...

    i’m shocked by the beauty and the opulence. stunning! india knows best. clearly.

  • Oh, that would be wonderful Deb! BTW, what’s the name of your blog? I’d love to add you to my links!

  • deb said...

    we have a ton of slides (this was in our pre-digital ease days!). I’ll ask my husband if he wouldn’t mind scanning some for me and I’ll post it over on my blog…
    Some of those will be especially fitting for your latest post about the inlay furniture–taj mahal all the way!

  • Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ll do a couple of posts on magnificent hotels there – just to whet your appetite!! We were in Udaipur 8 years ago but didn’t stay at the Lake Palace. We took the boat over & had dinner instead – which was lovely in it’s self. Also – if you stay on thebanks of the Lake – you get to look at the Palace all day :-)

  • Deb, I had no idea this is where Octopussy was filmed–thanks for the information. And it’s wonderful to find someone who’s been there! You wouldn’t still have any photos, would you? I would completely love to see them. Thanks also for the tip on other places to stay in Rajasthan–it will be on my travel list for certain.

  • deb said...

    It is super beautiful…and also where the James Bond film “Octopussy” was filmed! If you go to Udaipur, many of the guest houses will play the film on video night!

    We took the boat ride to see the grounds and had a drink there about 10 years ago. And if you can’t stay at the Lake Palace there are other hotels on the banks that are magnificent and magical as well! Rajasthan is amazing!

  • Thanks, Brilliant, and glad you’re feeling better :)

  • So glad you posted this. I could have sworn a hotel like this existed somewhere in the world, but my searches came up dry. Amazing.

  • Reyam said...

    An incredible place. Would really enjoy to stay in the rooms depicted in pictures one and three! Though I’d probably never want to leave! Unbelievable opulence, vibrancy and taste. Might have to hint at my fiance to take us there…

  • Thanks for your comments, Bronwyn–the first image is what drew me in as well–all the colours come together quite stunningly.

  • Looks amazing. I especially love the first picture, what a beautiful room, great colours.

  • Thanks, Franki, and you’re absolutely right–I just found out that the Taj Lake Palace is in 1000 Places as well, as it should be. The idea of a marble palace “floating” on water and accessible only by boat was what won me over as well. I can’t wait to plan my next trip!

  • I’m fairly certain this is in my bedside reading material: 1000 places to see before you die. I’ve longed to visit this isolated paradise for about a year. Now that you’ve shown me more I MUST go. *sigh* I just love travel. Gorgeous photos, by the way.

    Maybe it’s that it is completely surrounded by water and you must arrive by boat, but this seems like an amazing way to escape from the grind of normal life!

  • This is my next place for vacations …

  • Love your comment, Leah–and I know exactly what you mean–it’s pretty much a given that this place must been seen.

  • I must stay there before I die.


  • Thanks, Lisa! Glad you stopped by.

  • Really yummy pictures.

  • Thanks, People St. Clair–it’s my ever-growing list of top places to stay.

  • wow, truly breathtaking.

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