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While I definitely appreciate a good handbag, mine are usually large and while beautiful, they are also a little practical (this one in black was my favourite for travelling), for carting around my daybook, BlackBerry and all of the things I can’t live without. Dior’s new Samourai 1947 pieces, however, are complete works of art. The bags are part of Dior’s 60-anniversary collection and come in five limited-edition designs.

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  • Hello Kim–thanks for stopping by. The deep red seems to be the most popular–the pink and yellow ones, while beautiful, are a little less practical. The good news is, the red one most likely does comes in the knot motif as well. I’ve included a couple of other styles and colour combinations in my sidebar . . .

  • The dark red bag looks more stylish from my point of view. Still I prefer the knot motif of the Samourai 1947 Japanese Knot Bag.

  • Hello Kate! Thanks for the comments and I know what you mean about the purse spending–it can get a bit out of hand :) Loved your article for Glamnest, BTW.

  • I think I’m in love! But, I think I may have to cut down on my purse spending for a while :(


  • Hello again, Bronwyn–loved your tablescape on Absolutely Beautiful Things. Thanks for the comments :)

  • The brown one at the bottom – yes, yes, yes!!!! I also love the crochet chair in the previous post.

  • Hello Melissa! Yes, the brownish-red one is my favourite too, although the black one is pretty sexy.

  • These are lovely. That red one is really wonderful.


  • Thanks, Cedar–and I love your idea of it being a twist on the granny basket purse.

  • Oh my, these bags are incredible! They really are art pieces! I especially love that purple one, it is like a fun twist on the granny basket purse, which I have a strange love for.

  • Thanks, Nina! So glad you stopped by. The black one is quite lovely as well, although a little more tame than the coloured ones.

  • Nina said...

    Amazing. Especially appreciate the deeper red last handbag. Gorgeous! Love your blog.

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