{beautiful bathrooms}

Positively swamped with work this week, so I’ll keep this short and leave you with some images of very lovely bathrooms and fixtures.

Above: original French double ended copper bath with large roll; polished and lacquered interior and exterior, Circa 1880.

Reproduction of an early 20th century American large double ended bath tub. Each bath is manufactured from recycled brake discs; polished and lacquered iron exterior–also available with patinated or painted exterior.

The Paris bath is a faithful reproduction of an early twentieth century French fireclay bath made from Vitrite™, a stone and mineral composite that is as close to the look and feeling of the original, without the weight.

Bathtub made from white Exmar.

Original French marble top with skirts on its legs, complete with an under mounted bowl.

Teak bath handmade using traditional methods in the Highlands of Scotland by a boat builder. Each bath is individually made. Standard sizes are 5’6” (165cm) to 6’ (183cm) long.

The ‘Carrara’ basin is carved from a solid block of Italian marble; countertop mounted (shown) or self supported. 600x400mm

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