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Positively swamped with work this week, so I’ll keep this short and leave you with some images of very lovely bathrooms and fixtures.

Above: original French double ended copper bath with large roll; polished and lacquered interior and exterior, Circa 1880.

Reproduction of an early 20th century American large double ended bath tub. Each bath is manufactured from recycled brake discs; polished and lacquered iron exterior–also available with patinated or painted exterior.

The Paris bath is a faithful reproduction of an early twentieth century French fireclay bath made from Vitrite™, a stone and mineral composite that is as close to the look and feeling of the original, without the weight.

Bathtub made from white Exmar.

Original French marble top with skirts on its legs, complete with an under mounted bowl.

Teak bath handmade using traditional methods in the Highlands of Scotland by a boat builder. Each bath is individually made. Standard sizes are 5’6” (165cm) to 6’ (183cm) long.

The ‘Carrara’ basin is carved from a solid block of Italian marble; countertop mounted (shown) or self supported. 600x400mm

{other images: agape}

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  • shelly — oh my goodness! amazing that this post from 2007 still receives so many readers — here are some window coverings {also from the archives} that might work:

  • The bathrooms are all beautiful and unique…but none of them have window treatments. I was really looking for inspiration about bathroom window treatments that dont block out all the light.

  • These are really beautiful bathroom. And last picture is my favorite bathroom.

  • All I can say is…wow! I’ve always thought that, unlike a museum-quality dining room or foyer where you try not to touch or even stand too close to anything, a beautiful and inspiring bathroom is something that everyone feels comfortable in. After all, we deserve it, right?!

    Wonderful pics and lovely site!

  • Oh – you had me at that copper tub…what I wouldn’t give for one of those!

  • Love the bathroom in the Scottish Highlands!
    And I’m posting your blog on my list of favorites.

  • Where can you get the baths made out of recycled brake discs. Great idea – I would love to source one.

  • Jassim Alshammary said...

    Magnificent. I genuinely love them all… If all bathrooms were this artistic, pristine, majestic and beautiful, then I wouldn’t mind a house of many rooms, all of them bathrooms! Amazing. Especially the tubs.

  • Marble is so beautiful! I had marble counters in my last house and my nephew set a red popsicle down and left it there for a bit. Left a nice little mark. I told myself it was charming!

    Hey, you made my list of people who have made me smile by your comments on my blog! Head on over to pick it up when you have a chance! It isn’t very glamorous, but it is well-deserved none-the-less!


  • I love the 1sr picture , lovely , a bathroom in VERSAILLES..OU LA LA .
    I like also the organic one

  • I know what you mean, Style Saves the World–a good book and a glass of wine, and I could soak in any of these baths (especially the teak) for hours!

    I agree, Paloma, the settings really are romantic and set the perfect stage for these beautiful fixtures.

  • I love them all. Those are some seriously gorgeous tubs and bathrooms. So many of the seetings look so romantic (especially the first).

  • My faves are the copper and teak. They’d be a bit dangerous though… I don’t know if I’d ever get out!

  • Thanks, The Paris Apartment, and welcome back! And of course, I’d love it if you added me :)

  • omg, what an assortment! i love the marble, no the silver, wait, i love them all!! i’d love to add you to my blogroll, ok?

  • Suzy–the teak is amazing, isn’t it? I like that it’s made of unconventional materials, although I’d love to see one carved out of one piece of Italian marble, like the sinks in the last image.

  • All gorgeous, especially the teak one, the setting is not bad either!

  • Thanks, Classic Bride–isn’t it great the selection we have now for bathrooms?

  • totally gasped when i saw this post. sooo gorgeous.

  • Thanks, Liberty Post and Brilliant.

    (And Liberty, hope things are better with you?)

  • Oh, to have that much space…

    Beautiful images!

  • Love that teak tub and the silver iron one. Amazing pics. Hope you don’t have to work too hard.

  • Thanks, Franki!

    Think my favourite one is the teak, though–made in the Scottish highlands by a boat-builder–can you imagine?

  • I completely agree, Sarah–while I’ve never had morning sickness, I do think of the bathroom as the most important room in the house, even more so than the kitchen, since I’m a terrible cook :) I’m also a little bit neurotic with the handwashing, so I really love great bathrooms.

  • wow. I’ don’t know where to begin! they are all more drop dead gorgeous than the previous image.

    terrific collection of drool-worthy baths!

  • A gorgeous bathroom is pure luxury. I find bathrooms to be one of the most comforting rooms in the house…after having severe morning sickness several times in the past few years, I have spent a lot of time in my bathroom and think of it as a sanctuary! (Maybe too much information!). I love the tall windows next to the tub in one of these pictures.

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