{room with a (spectacular) view}


{room with a (spectacular) view}

I’ve been fortunate to have travelled to many amazing places around the world, but one place I would love to visit is South Africa, and when I finally make it to this exotic destination, I will stay at Makanyane Safari Lodge, which lies hidden in lush riverside forests and was designed by a team of award-winning architects to effortlessly blend the lodge with its surroundings.

Makanyane consists of a main building and only eight suites, which lie hidden in a forest overlooking the Marico River. Rich with African textures and walls of natural rock and dried tree trunks that merge with rough teak doors and contrast with overhanging thatches, the glass walls allow uninterrupted views of the river and surrounding bush.

{room with a (spectacular) view}

{room with a (spectacular) view}

{room with a (spectacular) view}

{room with a (spectacular) view}

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  • I was born in South Africa, & live in South Africa today and i have to say it that there is no other place id live than in my home country! We have so much culture here and so much beauty it will blow you away, not just the safari’s (which you can see are incredible) we have the Drakensburg mountains, The Kimberly Hole, The Cango Caves and so many other places to see like Robin Island (where Madiba otherwise known as Nelson Mandela spent time in the prison) We have the V & A Waterfront & Table mountain and of course our major event next year 2010 WORLD CUP.

    This is where i speak of the crime; it isn’t right to just say the crime rate is shocking in our country since having the privilege of having 2010 it has come down and will continue to come down because of the clever ways that FIFA and our government have discussed and are putting into practice as we speak. Crime is all over the world not just in SOuth AFrica and the only way to avoid it is to do the research before traveling.

    sorry about that i wan not trying to write an essay.

  • I’ve been living in SA for the past couple years, and although I go to school in NYC, I really do love SA. It’s a lovely place to live, although the crime rate is rather shocking, the beauty of the place is undeniable. There are other hidden treasures in Africa as well such as Mozambique, Zanzibar, Kenya and Benin. I’ve been to the latter two and each trip was just as magnificent as the other.

  • I am floored by these images. To live in South Africa is a lifelong dream. Between my two adoptions, I have put aside a trip to at least visit. Thank you for these beautiful photographs. I am going to borrow them and I am going to dream. Hopefully I will be able to at least make it to Marrakesh to pester Maryam at her Peacock Pavilion.

  • nunich–isn’t it amazing?! It’s definitely on my travel list. Thanks so much for the comment–I love hearing from you!

  • nunich said...

    i totally want to stay at this place… the animals! the view! the perfection! gorgeous.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Mama Jo–glad I could provide some travel inspiration :)

  • that looks gorgeous…i’m always looking for fantastic places to go

  • That looks amazing. Sth Africa is definitely on my list of ‘to-go’ places. Even though I have a friend to stay with (if she ever moves back), I think I’d have to find an excuse to stay here a night or two!

  • I think I may have written about this place myself! I am so anxious to go on a safari, and my ‘luxury requirement;’ makes it a bit challenging to find a suitable place to stay. Luckily, today’s travelers demand luxe accommodations, so you and I will have an easier time satisfying our comfort needs while spying on wild game! :)

    Gorgeous place!

  • All I can say is Aaahhmazing! My dream is to travel to South Africa.

  • amazing :O)

  • Hello Brilliant–behind the half wall that the bathtub is leaning against there is a glass folding door that runs the length of the bathroom wall for those who don’t prefer to bathe out in the open.

  • Wow–what a fantastic place. I might feel a little vulnerable in that outdoor tub though.

  • Lucky, lucky Maryam :) And tented lodges in the air sound magical!

  • We used to live in Namibia and have been to South Africa on numerous occasions. Many of the lodges are just incredible, including tented lodges in the air!

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