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Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

WE’VE JUST RETURNED from some time back in Edinburgh, where we revisited old haunts, found new ones and had a prosecco picnic in the park. We ate great food and had to deal with the change our old hometown has undergone in the six years that we’ve been away. It was bittersweet to see some of our old favourites closed down and some under new management and changed drastically …

News 21.06.21 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

Back in 2011, when Twitter was young, the artist and musician Leon Chang made a joke that you might remember even if you didn’t see it: “slept over at a kids house once in third grade. saw him pour milk into bowl first, then cereal. never talked to him again. hes in jail now.” Over the years, that joke has been stolen again and again, often retold with slightly different details. It still happens. Everyone tells it as if it happened to them—as if they really knew a kid with such a weird habit and were personally disturbed by it.

10 Images With: Davide Oricchio in Rome, Italy

THIS INSTALMENT OF 10 IMAGES features the stunning photos of Rome, Italy by photographer Davide Oricchio (@davideor94). After last week’s feature of the eternal city by Daniele Bianchi, we thought it might be interesting to showcase the city from another perspective, from a photographer who sees the city in a slightly different light: while Bianchi’s are light and airy, Oricchio’s are dark and moody and with much sharper contrast …

News 18.06.21 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

Why the Pandemic Turned Miami Into the New Monaco Two years ago Demian Bellumio, a Miami-based investor, was a recent divorcé with a less than full dance card, so he decided to create a WhatsApp group for the city’s budding tech scene. “I’ve always loved being a connector,” he says, “and there were new people »

News 16.06.21 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

The first-floor apartment on West 37th Street, a few blocks south of Times Square, was popular with tourists—so popular that a set of keys was left at the counter of a nearby bodega for Airbnb renters to pick up. That’s where a 29-year-old Australian woman and a group of her friends retrieved them, no identification needed, when they arrived in Manhattan to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2015 …

10 Images With: Daniele Bianchi in Rome, Italy

THIS INSTALMENT OF 10 IMAGES features the beautiful photos of Rome, Italy by photographer Daniele Bianchi (@dani_bi90). It is a place we still haven’t yet managed to visit despite traipsing all over Europe. Bianchi’s focuson architecture and ornamentation was what caught our eye, as well as his affinity for soft colour and golden light…

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