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Holiday Inspiration: All Tied Up in a Bow, Part Two

WHEN WE wrote about our holiday table setting inspiration featuring ribbon bows (with a little design history included), we had no idea just how many areas⏤from fashion to food and more⏤the bow (define as a specific decorative arrangement of material such as satin, organza, silk) has been adorning.

Notes from the Weekend

OUR FIRST Christmas film this year wasn’t actually one of our usual old favourites (Christmas Vacation for P, The Holiday for me⏤although we’ve seen them both so much now that we mainly put them on as background ambience), but The Holdovers…

Holiday Decorating: Multicoloured vs. White Holiday Lights

I AM ONLY vaugely aware of the enduring debate of multicoloured vs. white holiday lights. I say vaugely, because at our place, it’s always elegant white lights, with no debate.