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Places: Our Paris Editor’s Favourite After Work Cafés

Despite being a new beginning of the year, filled with so much hope and so many new ideas, rarely does the month of January bring only joy. January—it’s the month of sales, people are tired of shopping and of queues, of agglomeration, of the grey days. Keeping a good mood may be a challenge.

News 01.16.19 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

It’s a bright September morning in San Carlos, California, and Masayoshi Son, chairman of SoftBank, is throwing me off schedule. I’d come, as he had, to meet with the people he’s tapped to run the Vision Fund, his $100 billion bet on the future of, well, everything.

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

MID-JANUARY! already and so far so good with all of the New Year's resolutions, as well as with the post-holiday diet clean-up—no alcohol (difficult when invited by friends out for drinks in a cosy candlelit place on a Tuesday night), no(t too many) carbs and no nervous breakdowns (yet). Workouts still on track, but of course, »

To See: Art in NYC 2019 – Frida Kahlo, The Dutch Masters & more

If what we see shapes who we are, what better reason is there to make an effort to see art? For me, art is a prelude to discovery; it is a symbol of a point in time and history that can help navigate the present and future.

News 01.14.19 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

Joy points upward, according to Marie Kondo, whose name is now a verb and whose nickname is being trademarked and whose life has become a philosophy. In April at the Japan Society in New York, she mounted a stage in an ivory dress and silver heels, made namaste hands at the audience and took her place beneath the display of a Power­Point presentation.

Playlist 01.12.18 : Five Songs for the Weekend

The Afrobeat-infused disco project Ibibio Sound Machine, based in London and fronted by Nigerian native Eno Williams, impressed us with last year’s Eiyo EP and the single “Basquiat.”

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