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Inspiring Rooms, Things to Shop For & Instagram Accounts We Love

I was walking the other day, to a conference with Esther Perel (for those reading this article who haven’t heard of her, I totally recommend her podcasts and books) and I thought I was never going to get there on time because I stopped in at so many beautiful Parisian design stores on my way. And so, I thought I should share with you some décor inspiration, a few things on my shopping list, and the décor-related Instagram accounts that I adore these days…

News 06.19.19 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

Mindfulness has gone mainstream, with celebrity endorsement from Oprah Winfrey and Goldie Hawn. Meditation coaches, monks and neuroscientists went to Davos to impart the finer points to CEOs attending the World Economic Forum. The founders of the mindfulness movement have grown evangelical.

Shopping List: Summer Solstice

THIS FRIDAY WILL BE THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER here in the northern hemisphere and WE COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED. Summertime is our favourite time and we’re daydreaming of tan lines and a glass of wine on a breezy terrace, espadrilles and frills on little white dresses; palm trees and wicker and the flicker of candlelight on an August night…

News 06.17.19 : Today’s Articles of Interest from Around the Internets

Being a millennial feels like being stuck in a permanent state of on-the-cusp adolescence. Sulky, prickly, and painfully hyper-visible, our every movement is tracked by a set of watchful guardians eager to land the next rage-inducing viral headline…

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

WE PAINTED THE LIVING this weekend, Farrow & Ball’s Middleton Pink, and it turned out to be rather disastrous. We ended up having to pick up new paint the next day and repaint everything, despite all my research pointing to the colour being pale powdery perfection, the prettiest and most delicate pink. We’re not certain what went wrong, but perhaps a combination of the wall texture and room lighting were to blame in making the colour appear a vivid candy floss pink that somehow even managed to clash with the fireplace mantle, which is cream. Décor misadventures aside, everything else was rather perfect, with sunset walks and Spanish wine in the last golden light of day; old stone houses and English roses and roaring fires and the feeling of being really very happy.

Playlist 06.16.19 : Five Songs for the Weekend

The recent news that Skepta would be dropping his new album, Ignorance Is Bliss, at the end of the month was met with excitement and anticipation. The announcement came almost out of nowhere and things are moving quickly as we have now got the album’s first single, “Bullet From A Gun”.

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