Décor Inspiration | Interior Designer: Isabel López-Quesada & A Country House in Segovia, Spain


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08-Interior Designer | Isabel López Quesada & A Country House in Segovia, Spain-This Is Glamorous
09-Interior Designer | Isabel López Quesada & A Country House in Segovia, Spain-This Is Glamorous

Our Fashion Editor, Victoria, recently remarked that SPAIN really suits me, and after pausing to think about it, realised that she was absolutely right. After living here for a year now, I think the country has seeped into my being — the perpetually SUNNY days, the oranges on the trees in the wintertime and these astonishingly blue Mediterranean skies — all of it has become a part of me, something that will forever be intrinsically intertwined into the fabric of our lives.

Perhaps that is why my tastes in décor seem to be shifting a little as well. Discovered the work of Isabel López-Quesada Segovia quite a while ago, and am becoming a little obsessed with her mix of diverse styles, the contemporary amongst traditional ENGLISH or French decor, tradition combined with modernity. This country house that she designed in 2010 in Segovia, Spain is a perfect example. Both rustic and modern at once, it has elements of French, English and contemporary styles all intermingled, like a French farmhouse with English refinement, with a good measure of laid-back Spanish vibes added to the mix …

(P.S.) There’s a bathtub encased in wicker!

All photography by Montse Garriga for Isabel López-Quesada

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  • Bienvenida a España. Soy muy fan de Isabel, pero he de decir que este no es de sus mejores trabajos, ni de lejos.
    Deberías buscar información sobre “Finca Malpartida”; te encantará.

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