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Travel Diary | Places: Versailles, France in 92 Impossibly Romantic Photographs


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51-Versailles by Emily Faulstich-This Is Glamorous

My day at Versailles  was one of the prettiest days of my life. I personally went in knowing I would experience over-the top opulence, but I had no idea how beautiful the grounds of the palace were. I spent hours wandering alone through the forest and fields, sitting in the grass and reading, just like in the Sofia Coppola  edition of Marie Antoinette. It was a dream.

There were endless rows of trees and lush green hedges, marble sculpture gardens, beautiful lakes with swans and boats. I loved the Petit Trianon and farm- complete with rose vines and hatched roofs, a local dog that followed me for a while and handsome French groundskeepers (of course). I bought a sugar crêpe and took over 1,000 photos. Surprisingly, despite the fact that the place was packed as I entered, I was able to be completely alone for most of the day as I explored the gardens and land, and it was a really beautiful experience.

When I went into the main Palace itself it was about to close and again I was pretty much alone, which felt surreal and very special considering I was pretending to be royalty the whole time. I loved seeing the hidden doors in Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, the gold carved detailing on every ceiling, hundreds of sparkling chandeliers , the famous paintings, murals and tapestries…I could go on and on.

If you’ve never visited Versailles  I suggest going during the week and spending the entire day there. The gift shop was closed when I tried to go in (probably for the best). But nothing I could have purchased would be as great as the memory of that day- wandering around Versailles in my long white dress, finding wildflowers and imagining I was in the past.

Love, Emily

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emily faulstich
Contributor, New York City

A photographer, fashion designer & adventurer, Emily began her first company, Wildfox, with Kim Gordon in 2007, where she was co-creative director and designer for five years. She now lives in New York with her husband.

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  • Jacqueline Marie said...

    Absolutely loved all your photos of Versailles, merci beau coup!

  • Maria said...

    Amazing Pictures!, What a fabulous Photographer!. Took my breath away.

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