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Featured Shop: Shawn Warren Jewelry


At the Shops: Shawn Warren Jewelry
Roseline Lohr | At the Shops: Shawn Warren Jewelry
At the Shops: Shawn Warren Jewelry

THIS WEEK’S AT THE SHOPS features NYC-based Shawn Warren Jewelry. Was recently introduce to the label and immediately fell for the designer’s clean lines and rock ‘n refined aesthetic. My lucky Horseshoe Necklace, made of sliced grey diamonds and the prettiest glittery rose gold chain, has quickly become a new favourite and has never left my neck since the day it arrived. The designs, inspired by Shawn’s mother, have that perfect mix, whether rough diamonds and rose gold, or sliced diamonds and white gold, that work just as well with organza cocktail dresses as with blue jeans . . .

At the Shops: Shawn Warren Jewelry

About Shawn Warren Jewelry

Shawn Warren Jewelry was launched in 2003 in New York City, bringing a perfect contrast of uptown elegance with downtown edge in a refined framework of 18 karat gold in striking, yet wearable pieces.

The designer cites her mother, a top model in the ‘50s and ‘60s, as muse, infusing her poise and strong sense of individual style into each design.

To create her designs, Shawn hand-selects each stone, finding inspiration in its color and cut. Natural materials like rough diamonds are mixed with vibrant sapphires to create a collage of colors and textures. The designer also creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces for those who seek something special and rare.

“I always ask myself if I can wear something with jeans or if I can layer it with other pieces that I have.” –Shawn Warren

“It all started with colored pencils. I was never without them as a child, often falling asleep while drawing. I soon discovered pastels, pipe cleaners, and beads – always drawn to the range of color of each new medium. My love of the visual arts continued in college, where I studied Art History. My career path took me away from this passion for many years. I was an advertising executive and a psychotherapist until my love of design prevailed and I started my jewelry business, now almost 15 years ago. With no formal training, I immersed myself in the world of gems, absorbing every detail, and learning everything I could from many mentors along the way. What I ultimately found is that when you love what you do, the learning comes naturally. Now, I could swear I dream in jewelry. It’s like a second language for me, or it’s own world. And there’s no stopping it – I am designing almost all of the time.” —Shawn Warren

At the Shops: Shawn Warren Jewelry

This article is in collaboration with Shawn Warren Jewelry.

Notes from the Weekend & a Few Lovely Links

THIS WEEKEND we rented a scooter (our first time!) and drove to the beach, the wind in our hair on the quiet city streets. Today, it’s a holiday here, the shops are closed and the city is quiet, with many out of town for an extra long weekend. If you had believed in the idea of “Blue Monday”—that is, the idea that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year, good news: the concept is actually pseudoscience, made up by a holiday company in 2005 to sell summer vacation packages. Don’t you feel better now? January is really not that bad, for it is a time of new beginnings…

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Many philosophical questions about the arts would benefit from some serious empirical research. One thinker who welcomed empirical findings was the art historian E H Gombrich (1909-2001), who was influenced by findings in experimental psychology showing that perception is a matter of inference rather than direct seeing.

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A faint aura of destiny seems to hover over Teouma Bay. It’s not so much the landscape, with its ravishing if boilerplate tropical splendor — banana and mango trees, coconut and pandanus palms, bougainvillea…

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In the Kenyan highlands a few miles north of the equator, lies Arijiju, a safari lodge. Located in Laikipia county, it also sits on the Borana Conservancy, a working cattle ranch and wildlife sanctuary. There are zebras and giraffes, gazelles, eland and hartebeest, lions and elephants, and most impressively, it is the home to twenty-two black rhinos, translocated from Lake Nakuru National Park, having reached its capacity of 70.

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Despite being a new beginning of the year, filled with so much hope and so many new ideas, rarely does the month of January bring only joy. January—it’s the month of sales, people are tired of shopping and of queues, of agglomeration, of the grey days. Keeping a good mood may be a challenge.