{table for two: desserts for breakfast}



. . . with utterly delectable recipes such as lobster lobster mac ‘n cheese, ginger-champagne pancakes with champagne-poached pears, apricot pistachio chocolate mousse tartlets, rosemary pancakes with poached pears, chocolate ricotta and lemon poppyseed pound cake and chocolate & lemon mascarpone cupcakes{!}, desserts for breakfast, by bay area graduate student, stephanie, will have your inner martha whipping up deliriously beautiful concoctions in no time, or at least inspired to do so . . . unless, of course, you’re like me and have an astonishing lack of culinary skills, and, like carrie, might as well keep sweaters in your oven . . .








dessert-for-breakfast11{above: kiwi & pineapple sorbets}

{p.s.} a few things on this sunny thursday afternoon:
* previous table for two: katie quinn davies
* special thanks to felicity for another lovely link xo

* also, in case you may have missed the tweets, a brand new page

{all images © stephanie s. 2009-2010 for desserts for breakfast}

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